What We Buy

Morristown Iron and Metal buys all types of scrap metal. If you have anything that is metal we will buy it. Never put your household scrap in the landfill. Bring it to us and get paid. Listed below are some of our most popular materials we buy:

Vehicles: We buy all types of vehicles. No need to worry about draining fluids or anything. Just bring us the vehicle. Per TN state law, we MUST have a title for any vehicle 12 yrs old or newer. For vehicles older than 12 years old, no title is needed.

NOTE: We pay up to $50.00 towards your tow fee as long as you use the following tow truck companies:

Tin/Steel: Misc. Scrap... Lawn Mowers, appliances, farm equipment,
Copper (all grades)
Insulated Copper Wire
Stainless Steel
Aluminum Cans
Brass (all grades)
Electronic Scrap
Auto Batteries
Catalytic Converters
NOTE: Per TN law, you must have proof of vehicle identification in order to sell us your converter.

Payment: All purchases are paid via check. NO CASH PURCHASES. Per TN law, all copper and converter checks must have a 5 day hold from the day of purchase.