Below are our prices for our most popular materials we purchase. If your material is not listed, please contact us directly 423-581-6880 or [email protected].

Material Description Price
Tin/Steel Cars, appliances, light gauge scrap $8.50/100 lbs
Heavy Steel Anything thicker than 1/4" $7.50.00/100 lbs
Aluminum Aluminum free from any other materials $0.45/lb
Aluminum Cans Used beverage cans $0.55/lb
Brass Brass free from any other materials $1.80/lb
#1 Copper Bare copper thicker than 1/16 gauge $2.95/lb
#2 Copper Bare copper with contamination $2.75/lb
#1 ICW #1 copper with insulation $.90/lb
#2 ICW #2 Copper with insulation $0.45/lb
304 Stainless Steel Stainless steel free from other materials $0.25/lb
Batteries Car Batteries $4.00 each