Why Recycle ?

Recycling should be a part of our everyday lives. So many products we use on a daily basis are recyclable that it really doesn't make sense to put into our landfills and hope they disintegrate one day. We are all responsible to be good stewards of our environment.

Landfills are filling up at a record setting.pace all over the world and we need to consider recycling in all circumstances. Recyclable materials include paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and rubber. Metal is the most popular recyclable commodity because it has the highest value. Today in the US, all of our steel produced is generated from scrap metal. That being said, the other commodities are just as important to recycle because they are the highest volume. Paper, plastic and Cardboard, make up almost 80% of all recyclables. That also means that if these are not recycled then we are filling our landfills unnecessarily with recyclable materials.

All of us have a role to play on a daily basis. We must teach our next generation to reuse, reclaim and recycle! If we all pitch in our part, then the impact will be monumental in our economy, environment and preserve our environment for future generations to come.